Court hears testimony of anesthesiologist in Salt hospital case

The Amman Magistrates Court, on Sunday, held its 20th session on the Salt hospital case, where eight people died due to a lack of oxygen.

In a public session, the court, chaired by Judge Odai Freihat, heard a new prosecution witness; an anesthesiologist who works at the hospital. The witness testified that the oxygen was cut off from its main source on the morning of the incident, March 13th.

The court adjourned the session to next Thursday (June 10) to hear new prosecution witnesses, which are expected to reach 49 in the case, in addition to the testimony of 9 experts. A total of 66 prosecution and defense witnesses were heard by the court so far.

In its previous session, the court decided to add an eighth count of involuntary manslaughter after another person passed away recently.

Last March, the Public Prosecution opened an investigation into an oxygen supply outage at the Salt government hospital, prompting the arrest of 13 Health Ministry officials, who were released after the 30-day custody period ended.

Source: Jordan News Agency