Contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases should be PCR tested-Health ministry

Assistant Secretary-General for Primary Health Care, Dr. Ghazi Sharkas, called on citizens to be “cautious and don’t be misled” by the decline of the Kingdom’s epidemiological curve.


Sharkas stressed the need to conduct a PCR test for contacts of confirmed infections, or highly probable cases , who show Covid-19 symptoms.


In an interview with “Petra” on Saturday, Sharkas indicated that the PCR test is provided by mobile investigation teams, fixed testing centers, hospitals and laboratories countrywide.


To curb transmission, he called on everyone who could catch infection to self-quarantine before his test results emerge.


The official also stressed the need to adhere to the prevention means and register on the gov’t platform to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.


These anti-Covid-19 measures will help to further stabilize the epidemiological situation, he noted.


Source: Jordan News Agency