Canadian teachers to protest against religious symbols bill

Ottawa, Hundreds of students and teachers at Canada Westmount High in Montreal locked arms outside their school late Wednesday to voice their opposition to the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ)’s religious symbols ( Bill 21)..

The Quebec government’s bill to ban the wearing of religious symbols for some state employees is drawing wide-ranging opposition, from teachers donning symbolic hijabs in the street to an eminent philosopher who co-authored a report that inspired the legislation.

Many in the crowd wore headscarves in solidarity with those who could be locked out of the public service under the Quebec government’s legislation to prohibit religious symbols for state employees in positions of authority.

Teachers at the protest argued it’s ridiculous to think that teachers who display their religion are less able to do their jobs or would try to convert their students to their beliefs.

Opponents have denounced it as discriminatory, saying the law unfairly targets religious minorities and especially Muslim women, since teachers who wear the hijab are among those who stand to be affected.

Premier Francois Legault stood firm saying people who would be excluded from public sector jobs because of the law can find other work.

Source: Jordan News Agency