Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in 2018, UN

Ottawa, Canada resettled more refugees last year than any other country and had the second-highest number of refugees who gained citizenship, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ latest report.

Canada accepted 28,100 refugees for permanent resettlement last year, while the United States was second with 22,900, the report said.

The data also showed that Canada gave citizenship to the second-largest number of people who had arrived as refugees, a figure that helps to measure how well countries are integrating refugees. A total of 18,000 refugees became Canadian citizens last year, a substantial increase over 2017, when just over 10,000 refugees were naturalized.

The senior resettlement officer with the UN refugee agency’s operation in Canada, Michael Casasola, said that “Canada’s approach to integration works. It encourages integration, it welcomes refugees to become part of Canadian society, including obtaining citizenship, and among all the immigrants who come to Canada, refugees have the highest (citizenship) uptake,” according to Canada media.

Source: Jordan News Agency