Blistering weather, intermittent showers forecast over weekend

Jordan on Thursday continues to bake in a blazing heat wave that pushed mercury levels well above annual average by almost 6 degrees Celsius and just one degree shy from the 40C threshold in the capital, Amman.

In its daily brief, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said that the Jordan Valley, 212 to 400 meters below sea level, and the Red Sea port of Aqaba are set to swelter in scorching conditions today and tomorrow with temperatures breaking into the 42-43C vicinity.

Despite the blistering conditions, cloudy skies and a weak chance for intermittent showers are expected in limited parts of the southern and eastern areas of the country, the forecasters predicted.

The department also warned the public of direct exposure to sunlight in the afternoon and of poor visibility in the Badia areas due to dust.

Excessive heat watches will persist on Friday, with clouds at medium and high altitudes and a chance for spotty showers, accompanied by thunders at times, in the southern and eastern regions, the JMD further said.

The hot spell will start to subside on Saturday, as thermometers will dip few degrees, bringing relatively hot weather in the highland, while it will remain hot in other regions, with cloudy skies, the meteorologists forecast.

In Amman and other highlands, north and south, daytime mercury levels will range between 35 and 39 degrees. In the late afternoon and evening hours, cooler weather is forecast as temperatures slide to around 25 and even 21 in the southern highlands.

Source: Jordan News Agency