Balbisi casts light on reduced quarantine decision for COVID-19 patients

The Ministry of Health on Thursday announced a reduction on the quarantine period for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients from 14 to 7 days, while other symptomatic peers will spend 10 days, based on the recommendations of the National Epidemiology Committee.

On the decision’s background, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Health Affairs and the head of the COVID-19 file in Jordan, Adel Balbisi, said “change is scientifically justified, because the incubation period for “Omicron” strain, with 33% of the infections recorded in the Kingdom, is less, and the illness and recovery duration is also less than “Delta” variant by up to 5 days.

In an interview with “Petra,” Balbisi expected that “Omircon” variant, which is rapidly spreading, would infect “large” numbers of people that would affect the economic and operational situation, especially as the decision promotes sustained economic life.

Globally, he indicated that several countries around the world have taken decisions to reduce the isolation period, as was the case in the United States.

Regarding assessment of Jordan’s epidemiological situation, Balbisi said infections are “increasing, and there is a spike in the percentage of positive tests due to the spread of “Omicron” strain.”

Meanwhile, he expected a drop in the number of deaths in the current epidemiological week, compared to a week earlier, despite the increase in the number of Covid-19 infections, indicating that today’s fatalities reflect cases that happened two weeks ago.

Source: Jordan News Agency