Army chief visits Royal Medical Services

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Maj. Gen. Yousef Huneiti on Monday urged the Royal Medical Services (RMS) to provide optimal service to citizens so that they can see progress in healthcare.

During a visit to the health facility, Huneiti was briefed by the RMS director on the tasks and duties of his directorate and the measures taken to counter the coronavirus pandemic, noting that a vaccination campaign for members of the Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army (JAF) is ongoing.

Huneiti, in the presence of a number of JAF officers, was briefed on the service provided to citizens, urging stepped-up efforts and team work in the next stage to live up to the RMS’s local and regional reputation.

He commended the efforts of medical, nursing and administrative staff during the pandemic, as well as RMS support of the Jordanian health sector, pledging continued JAF support to the Royal Medical Services to fully carry out its duties.

Source: Jordan News Agency