AND nabs 6 suspected drug dealers, promoters in raids countrywide-PSD

The Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) thwarted two attempts to smuggle “large” quantities of narcotic pills and raided 3 drug dealers in Zarqa governorate in possession of 21kg hashish and two firearms.

In a statement on Thursday, the media spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate (PSD) said the AND’s agents dealt during the past few days with three specific cases through their daily efforts to follow up, monitor and end all activities related to drug trafficking, promotion and smuggling.

In the first case, the AND tracked down a group of drug dealers and pushers in Zarqa governorate, who used a tent in a desert area to store narcotic substances, which was raided and 3 suspects were arrested, in possession of 21kg hashish, in addition to two firearms, one automatic, the official said.

Meanwhile at a border crossing, the AND agents suspected a cargo vehicle arriving to the Kingdom loaded with fruit and a thorough search was made. About 200,000 narcotic pills hidden in secret caches in the vehicle’s body were seized. The bust was carried out, in cooperation with the Jordanian customs and security services, the official noted.

After investigating the case, the identity of the shipment recipient was identified, who was arrested, alongside the truck driver, the official added.

In the last case, a drug dealer who owned “large” quantities of narcotic pills smuggled from a neighboring country for sale inside the Kingdom was nabbed, in possession of 40,000 narcotic pills, the official pointed out.

All cases and arrested suspects were referred to the State Security Court (SSC)’s public prosecutor, the spokesperson announced.

Source: Jordan News Agency