Agriculture: large numbers of desert locusts exterminated

The Minister of Agriculture Khalid Al-Hanifat said that a very large percentage of desert locusts were exterminated, through the efforts of the Ministry’s cadres and the support of the Air Force and other agencies.


In a statement on Sunday, Al-Hanifat said that one swarm of locusts consists of millions of insects, which sometimes covers hundreds of kilometers, adding that the swarms that entered the Kingdom in a number of places came mostly at the Mudawara area. All the necessary equipment was used, in cooperation with the Air Force, to completely eradicate the insects, he added.


In Al-Ruwaished area east of the Kingdom, the minister indicated that the problem is under control and exploration teams are monitoring the remaining areas to look out for any other swarms.


He pointed out that the small numbers of desert locusts that arrived in the Azraq area were exterminated following intense control efforts and continuous exploration work on the borders.


He stressed that the follow-up is ongoing and that the exploration teams, the control of pesticides and machinery teams, and the Agriculture Ministry’s departments will stay on high alert and coordinate among each other until the vermin is destroyed.


Source: Jordan News Agency