Abul Samen, World Bank representatives discuss plans to develop road network

Amman, Minister of Public Works and Housing and Minister of Transport, Maher Abul Samen, on Sunday met with representatives of the World Bank, key projects and plans related to the development of the road sector in the Kingdom and the possibility of implementing a set of partnership projects with the private sector.

Abul Saman said that the World Bank is an important strategic partner for Jordan, stressing that work is underway with the World Bank, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, to develop and raise the efficiency of the road network in the Kingdom, in addition to developing transport and traffic safety strategies on the roads and contributing to the implementation of partnership projects in cooperation with the private sector.

Maintenance and road evaluation works are carried out continuously which contribute to maintaining the sustainability of the road network in the Kingdom, a ministry statement cited Abul Saman as saying.

He added that maintenance costs increase annually if they are not monitored and evaluated continuously, which is reflected in the level of service on these roads.

Abu Al Saman highlighted key procedures and projects that the ministry intends to work on and others that are under implementation in cooperation with the World Bank, indicating that stakeholders have been instructed to expedite procedures for implementing projects according to the rules and to remove any obstacles they face.

He called for full participation with all state institutions, which will contribute to raising the levels of service on the roads and linking the strategies of these institutions with the objectives of these projects.

These projects include the Road Assets Management System, which aims to provide a sustainable system for maintaining the road network and monitoring the need for these roads for maintenance, which helps the concerned authorities in developing the necessary plans related to the maintenance, construction and preservation of roads.

He pointed out that a number of training workshops will be held in the ministry, including all concerned parties, in addition to contractors and consultants to receive feedback regarding many projects that the ministry is working on.

For their part, representatives of the World Bank said that the bank is working on developing and preparing the necessary plans to develop the transport network in the Kingdom, with the aim of raising the efficiency of transport and roads, and is also working to provide the required support to the Ministry to implement many projects in the country in order to improve and raise the efficiency of roads in Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency