50K Jordanians received COVID-19 jabs in private hospitals

Private hospitals have given the COVID-19 vaccine to more than 50,000 citizens as part of their participation in the national immunization campaign, said Fawzi Hammouri, Head of the Private Hospitals Association.

In a statement, Hammouri said that 28 private hospitals are participating in the national vaccination campaign and have vaccination centers for this purpose, adding that the services are provided free of charge.

The private hospital sector, he added, will continue its participation to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health to contain and address the virus by vaccinating the largest possible number of citizens and residents in Jordan after registering on the vaccine platform and relieving hospitals and government centers participating in the campaign.

He pointed to the cooperation and coordination between the Association, the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, which contributed to facilitating the participation of private hospitals in the vaccination campaign.

Source: Jordan News Agency