285,000 vouchers to be distributed poor families as per criteria, controls of National Registry: Ministry

Minister of Social Development Ayman Mufleh said that the ministry has distributed 285,000 vouchers to needy families according to criteria and controls, including the distribution of 170,000 vouchers through the National Registry and distributed through the Jordan Post.

Mufleh added that part of these vouchers were distributed in the 13 refugee camps, in addition to the people of the Gaza Strip, and vouchers were also given to the administrative governors in the governorates, districts and valleys to be distributed to the needy in their areas, as well as to Member of Parliaments (MPs) to distribute them to the needy citizens in their areas, provided that the ministry is handed over the data bases to be kept and provided to the aid fund.

“We are witnessing the month of Ramadan, the month of mercy, forgiveness and solidarity, and all are partners in good deeds and helping the needy,” Mufleh concluded.

Source: Jordan News Agency