15th conference on Jordan history, archaeology to commerce in July

The tourism ministry and the Department of Antiquities Wednesday announced that the “History and Archaeology of Jordan Conference” will take place at the Yarmouk University between 18-21 of July 2022.

The conference, which will be in cooperation with Yarmouk University, will be under the sponsorship of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said in a press statement the final arrangements for the conference were discussed. The conference slated for July will be titled “Thoughtful Archaeology in the Ecosphere and Sociosphere”.

The conference will discuss 13 scientific components in detail. Scientific, academic and cultural activities will be organised in tandem.

Several scientific, technical and logistical committees were formed, both nationally and internationally, to achieve the conference’s vision and objectives.

The conference, which was held for the first time at Oxford University, UK, during the 1980s came at the initiative and support of Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

The conference, held every three years, is a significant scientific and international conference that helps researchers in archaeology, civilizational history and other related areas to present their scientific outcome on the history of Jordan and the Levant.

The conference is a great opportunity to build scientific networking, share expertise and promote Jordan’s history at the local, regional and international levels.

This conference has been co-hosted by various countries during the past decades, including Germany, France, Britain, America, Australia and Italy.

Source: Jordan News Agency